Accounting Services

We have a dedicated team of finance support for day-to-day activities and professionals who can provide full accounting of any complex financial transactions.

Most businesses spend countless hours and money managing internal finance and accounting functions that can often detract from what they do best. To help businesses re-engage with their core functions and liberate time for other important activities, many of the finance and accounting processes can be outsourced.

DS provides solutions for financial and accounting outsourcing services. These solutions allow businesses to understand more about their costs, revenue and opportunities. We can also help businesses to integrate and standardize their accounting processes allowing management to have reliable information enabling more informed business decisions.

Using outsourcing services of DS means our clients will be able to reduce the costs of routine clerical or accounting processes; allowing key staff, time and resources to focus on the growth and promotion of the business.

Our accounting services will assist clients in following:

⦁ Management reporting

⦁ Budgeting and forecasting

⦁ Data extraction & review

⦁ Corporate compliances and taxation

⦁ Payroll accounting

⦁ Debtor control

⦁ Credit control

How can we help you?

Contact us at the DS office or submit request for proposal online.

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