Dawood KhanManaging Partner

Dawood is the Managing Partner of Dawood Saif & Co. chartered accountants, and is responsible for the delivery of firm’s multidisciplinary services to the clients. Dawood has worked in the Arabian Gulf region for over 7 years and has held managerial position with Deloitte & Touche (M.E) prior establishing DS with the rest of the team in 2018. Dawood has also worked with Deloitte & Touche Pakistan office for over 7 years serving different corporate clients in both audit and advisory departments of the firm.

Dawood’s experience of over 14 years spans around assurance, financial advisory and consultancy and his clients have included manufacturing, distribution and trading organizations, premier banking and financial institutions, oil & gas companies, construction, a wide variety of public companies, privately held businesses and governmental organizations .His working style is characterized by accessibility and commitment to his clients and his conviction that the auditor should pro-actively offer constructive advice and support of value to his clients, building on the intimate knowledge gained by virtue of the role.

In his role as Managing Partner, Dawood is responsible for all aspects of practice management including relationships with regulators and key clients, risk management, the development and implementation of resource recruitment, training and retention strategies and he takes an active interest in the development of the firm’s professional staff and specialist industry capabilities. In addition to our audit, Dawood will be available to meet with the Board and shareholders several times a year to discuss other topics impacting the management of the business.

Dawood is a Chartered Accountant registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. He also holds a Bachelors in Commerce Honors (Accounting).

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